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CIVIC vodka is the first offering from DC’s own Republic Restoratives.  More than just Washington’s newest craft distillery, it is the realizationof a life-long dream for founders Pia Carusone and Rachel Gardner, with expert guidance from their master distiller. CIVIC represents the first Rr product, but also the faith of its founders and the tenacity of a team effort behind a unique process. The result is clear to see.


The CIVIC bottle, like the vodka itself, is exquisitely clean, with diamond-like clarity. It makes a sudden impression on the back bar, on the top shelf and on the palate. A powerful, monochrome identity, the bottle’s custom embossing and offset branding results in a package that stands out from the crowd.


To say that CIVIC comes from one place would not be entirely accurate.  CIVIC, true to its company values, is based on solid ideals of community, made up of both a local and extended network. The makers of CIVIC are in the business of assembling talented people and wholesome elements, which together create the ultimate consumer experience. CIVIC is crafted in a beautifully appointed Ivy City distillery that features a  dual-kettle spirits still, the largest in the DMV.


CIVIC is a progressive American craft vodka of the highest standard.  It is distilled exclusively from North American corn and patiently charcoal-polished for a crisp, flawless finish. Proudly, every drop is produced and bottled in Washington, DC.

CIVIC Tuxedo Martini
NE Side Gimlet
Moscow Mule
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